Wednesday, June 13, 2012

He's back!

Well my husband was gone for 5 days as he flew out to California to be with his family during this hard time. I was glad he was able to go and happy to stay back and keep everything under control or so I thought.

However it is super hard doing it all on my own. To tell you the truth there wasn't much I had to do either but still hard.

I gotta say I had respect for single moms before but I now truly have major respect for you guys. Do not know how any single mom does it. I would be in the crazy house. For real!

Maybe it's because Jon has been here from day 1 and has never spend a day away from us since Mookie was born but he was acting up, big time. He threw a tantrum every morning for about 30-60 minutes over anything. He peed the bed 4 out of 5 nights. Would argue with me about everything including colors. Was super mean to everyone around oh and the best part got naked at the playground in front of a bunch of people. Honestly craziness!

My poor brother was the one that took him to the playground when he got naked so he was super embarrassed. I asked Mookie why he got naked and he said "but mom I wanna play naked" In a way I am glad I wasn't out there cause some moms got super offended about it and made comments, rolled their eyes and left the park with their kids. People are too darn sensitive, really. Who like wearing clothes anyways not only that but my boy has some type of hypersensitivity cause he can't get a drop of water or fluid on his clothes before they are off and the second we walk in the house everything comes off.

Anyways.....I am always all over the place on my thoughts but thank goodness my husband is back I feel whole again. I love my man. Told him he can never leave us again. It's just too hard without him. I was not a very nice mami.

Mookie told him he was sad with him cause he was scared he was going to leave us again. How sad is that? At night time he kept asking "papa you not gonna leave, right?" broke my heart.

Pictures from last night and today. I love my little family.

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