Friday, June 8, 2012


My dear husband grandmother has suffered a stroke yesterday morning.

Completely broke my heart hearing my husband cry in such a way I had never heard. That man loves his grandma too much and looks up to her in so many ways. To tell you the truth though I don't know how anyone could not just fall in love with her.

I have only been in this family for 6 years but this woman has shown me nothing but unconditional love from day one. I feel like she is also my grandmother and she truly is. Love her to pieces. She is the happiest most lively person I have EVER met in my life and just a few weeks ago when I saw her she told me how I need to take on my trials while being positive cause there is just no other way.

My husband has flown out to be with his family and was able to see his grandmother. He said it was a very emotional thing to do. However she was able to squeeze his hand. Thank you Lord!

As today went on my husband again saw her and she totally knows who he is. She wink at him and all, that's so her. She always winked at me.

I hope and pray that I can become more and more like grandma. What a great example she is to all that know her. She loves live like I have never seen someone love it. She will talk to anyone and try to get to know them. Love her!

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