Friday, June 15, 2012


Well this year Mookie got spoiled and got a season pass to Lagoon which is an amusement park that is about 30 minutes from us. I am so grateful to his grandparents who got him this. We had been wanting to do that this year to get him used to going on rides in case in the near future we can somehow afford to go to Disney he will actually go on things.

I have gone twice so far with just Mookie and I and have had a blast. This boy loves getting on ride. Except for roller coasters. There are two that he is big enough to go on and last year we got him to go on both but it must have been a traumatizing experience cause this year the second we get close to them he flips. I am kinda sad cause I was looking forward to going on roller coasters with him.

Yesterday was out family day so we Jon came with us for the first time and we also went to the water part for the first time this year. I have decided the only thing that is fun at the water park to do with kids is the lazy river everything else sucks. They do have slides for kids but Mookie was not all that interested maybe next time. We were on the lazy river for about 2 hours. My friend Ashley came with her little girl so we had fun chatting while floating around.

Around 4 we decided to change and get ready for the other part of the park. I noticed Mookie was kinda warm but I thought it was because of being in the sun. After a while he became super lethargic and going in and out of sleep. I once again just past it off as tiredness. After we were done eating we tried to get him on some rides and he refused to get on his favorite rides that's when I realized something was wrong. We left and came home, I took his temperature and he was running a fever of 101.8. I feel horrible when he gets sick. To make things worse he is now refusing to take medicine so I had to become mean mami. His fever went down, thank goodness.

We woke up this morning and he had no fever and is acting totally fine like nothing ever happened. What in the world? Weird.

All in all had a good time at Lagoon! Mookie apparently did too cause this morning he woke up asking if we were going to Lagoon today.

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