Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

I suck and didn't post this yesterday and am just now getting to write it even though we did nothing special for father's day.

I got my husband his gift a month ago since that's when it was on special and since my husband does not like surprises that's what I always do. Someday I will actually surprise him ad probably give him a heart attack.

Mookie and I spend father's day at the pool for most of the day since Jon kicked us out of the house, haha. He really did but only because he had a test that took him 4 hours to finish that was due that night. What a way to spend father's day.

I did make us a yummy breakfast for the first time in a long time which Jon actually enjoyed.

I asked Jon what he wanted for dinner and he just said to go out that way the house wouldn't become a mess. Of course I was all game for that so off we went to Texas Roadhouse which was amazing service and delicious food. First time we had ever gone.

Ok so I just have to talk about my wonderful husband for a minute.

So honestly when I met this man all the stars must have aligned because not only is he a great husband but and even better father to our child. Mookie just loves him to pieces and their is no one that will ever measure up to his papa. Jon is the most loving, patient, understanding father alive oh and did I mention how fun he is. Yeah we have a blast on a daily basis with him.

I truly am one lucky woman to have found a man who is such an amazing father and example to our little man.

Love you babe. You make every other dad look bad, ha, really!

These pictures are from Christmas but it describes what normally is happening at our house with these 2.

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