Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Am I judgmental?

This was so weird. Last night we were across the street talking to our neighbor (the one that helped me out the other day when I locked myself out of the house, you can read that story hear) as we were talking to him, I guess they were going to go hang out with him and his wife and were bringing over some drinks. So we were all talking and out of the blue the wife goes "we don't drink all the time" it made me feel so weird that she would say that. Afterwards I asked Jon if he had looked at them funny or if I had and we didn't think so. Now there are 2 reasons why she might have said that either they think all LDS people are judgmental or that we are. I honestly do not think that I am but hey who am I right? I now am feeling horrible though because I really hope she doesn't think that I am judging them for drinking. Little do they know that our whole family are not members and drinking is normal with the rest of our family. Oh well I just thought it was kinda weird of her to say that. 

On another note but still about the neighbor can I tell you that you has the most amazing legs. I am way jealous. I think I might need to go over there and ask her what she does to have such amazing legs.

Family portrait time

I have found a photographer from Logan to come down to Ogden to take our first family portraits and she is super cheap and I really like what she has on her site. We have a session booked with her for Halloween and I am super excited about it. So if you are up here in Ogden or Logan and would like to get a session with her check her site out its I will post some of our pictures once we take them.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This summer at our new house we have been super lucky, our next door neighbor has a grape plant and it is huge so it comes over to our side so we have been eating grapes non-stop all summer and I happened to love grapes. I hope we are still here next summer so that Bentley can have some home grown grapes that are super yummy. Here is some pictures of some yummy grapes, be jealous! JK.

Now there are still tons left and I don't want them to go to waste so I will have to figure out what to do with them since I cannot eat them all at once. I think I might make some jam from them or something like it so if I can figure out how to do that I'll post the recipe and pictures. I probably should figure something out before the cold really hits.

Update on cleaning

Here are the after pictures from me cleaning the closet. Finally it looks ok. Its crazy cause I had a ton of stuff that I never wore so I was able to get rid of all that.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My new favorite site

is everyone needs to go over there and check it out. Last night I went on there and the topic was SEX. Finally an LDS person talking about it about time. I have always felt like whenever I make and LDS friend I cannot be my true self and I am always trying to sensor what I say. The word sex is like a curse word to most members and I just cannot understand that. Growing up in the church it was always told (now this is my experience and others experiences are different) that sex=sin and that its not a good thing. AHHH! Why would anyone say that? I wish more LDS people were less freaked out about this topic. Its funny cause I checked out last night all the comments and its interesting to see that actually a lot of women were not so weirded out by the topic but then again you get those crazy one that get totally offended by it. I understand that maybe you shouldn't go into details about it but it should be ok to talk about it and if you have a question to ask it, don't you think? Some lady even said that it was not ok to go to a therapist to get help if there was an issue going on. Oh goodness, this is why husband cheat. Don't these women realize that men need sex? AHHH! Jon was even saying poor husbands. 

All I am trying to say is that sex should not be looked upon as a negative thing.


I saw this on someone's blog and I thought it was a good idea. What they did was take a room or area that you wanted to clean for the week and take a picture of what it looks like before cleaning it and then after the week once its all cleaned you put up a picture of what it looks like now that it is clean. So I think I am going to do this for 8 weeks. 

This week I have chosen the master bedroom closet. So here are the pictures of what a mess it is right now and in a week I will post what it looks like after I have cleaned it. 

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I promise I love being a mom

But on days like today I wish I had my mom close by to help me with the baby. The last few days he has been really whinny and for anyone that knows my baby that is not him. He also does not want to take naps during the day. What is up with that? I need him for my sanity to take a nap during the day or else I just don't feel like I have the patience to handle everything. Its not that I take a nap with him all the time but at least I get a little of a break during the day.  Today though he didn't nap and I tried to play with him on the floor that didn't work, I tried putting Barney on that normally helps for a few minutes nothing, I tried singing, making funny noises and faces but just nothing was working, not even the booby juice which normally is the magic touch but not even that did he want. By the time Jon came home somehow I had been able to get him to sleep for about 30 minutes so Jon took him downstairs and get this he was totally fine with Jon. I think he just wanted his daddy all day long. He must be sick and tired of seeing me all day every day, poor child. After I was done eating dinner I went downstairs where my sister was watching him and he was crying and again I tried everything but nothing worked so I took him outside where Jon was with his friend and the baby was just all smiles and wanting to join in there conversation. He must think he is a big boy and that mami is way too boring for him. Kids are funny I tell you. Lets hope tomorrow is a better day.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No one has a neighbor as awesome as we do!

Today I locked myself out of the house, without my phone. Thank goodness that the baby was taking his morning nap if not I would have broken a window before doing anything else. As soon as I realized I had locked myself out I tried to break a wood covering we have on a window down in the laundry but when we first moved in here I was scared that anyone could move that and get in so I made my husband drill in some screws so that it could not be moved, so me trying to break the wood was not going to happen. I ran out front and thank goodness our awesome neighbor was right next door so I told him what happened and he lend me his phone. I called Jon but he was already in Salt Lake, which is about 45 minutes from the house by the time he would have gotten back I would have broken a window cause I am sure the baby would have woken up by then. Jon tells me to just brake a window. OK let me explain first, this house is super old so the windows are made of glass that is no longer found so that is a problem and to top it off the windows are weird sizes so you have to get the glass specially made. Poor Jon was just so upset just thinking how much it would cost to fix a window. I got off the phone with him so that I could go brake a window and when I get to the back of the house, this is where my awesome neighbor comes in, he had opened my door. I won't say how but lets just say he made my day and I owe him BIG time. I might need to good some treats and bring them over to his family. He won't know but today he was my hero. 

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Different kind of ward

Our ward is kinda different, I have never been to a ward that is quite like this one. I guess the closes to this was the West Philly ward I grew up going to but even that it does not come close. We have now been in this ward for 6 months but I still leave church with my mouth open from shock every sunday. My first sunday in this ward I sat behind a weird guy who while the opening prayer was going on he kept on saying "buddah" over and over again, at first in a low voice but as the prayer went on he got louder. It was actually kinda funny. Oh and then this, for the first month or so every sunday our bishop asked us if we were knew in the ward, finally I felt so awkward that I started going in a different way so that he wouldn't ask me. Maybe he has memory lose or something. At the only activity I have actually gone to, I was talking to a newer sister about how weird the ward was and she said that when she first moved in that they told her that this was just an amazing ward and that she would love it here and then she said "these poor people have never been to a really nice ward, they have no idea what they are talking about" isn't that funny? At least I am not the only one that feels this way. Don't get me wrong there are some nice, normal people in the ward but those are very few.

A few funny stories; the last month or so the ambulance has been called at least 4 times during sacrament. Today Jon goes to a sister "is it me or does it seem like every sunday something happens and the ambulance needs to be called" and she goes "yeah Jon, it only happens when you come to church" so he was like "I might need to stop coming cause I think we are only one sunday away from someone dying". Seriously though its crazy, the one sunday a 92 year old woman tried to fast and past out, God bless her. 

Also normally whenever I have entered a new ward the relief society comes over to get to know you, if you are LDS you know how that works they always somehow find you, even if you don't want to be found but at this ward it was nothing like that. The first counselor lived next door to me for about 3 months and she knew I was about to have a kid and I lie to you not but I have Bentley and no one even bothered to see if I needed anything or how I was doing, NOTHING. The people who actually cared were neighbors who are not even LDS. Oh and then the only reason the relief society president came over to meet me, which by the way happened about 5 months into the ward, was to give me my visiting teaching assignment. Literally she came over told me who she was and said she wanted to get the face down with the name and gave me my assignment and that was it. Well I lost the paper with my assignment and I let her know that I needed a copy, I never got it but she keeps calling me asking if I have done my visiting teaching but I won't answer my phone. 

I keep telling Jon maybe some day when we move from here we can find a good ward. I really miss my last ward. We were only there for about 6 months but everyone was just so close and friendly. Some day I guess or maybe that's not in my cards. Sometimes none members are better that way I can be myself since to many members I come off as inappropriate. 

I do love the church and I do have a testimony but I tell you sometimes the people in the church are something else.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Update on summer

This summer was the best summer I have had since we got married. We made it a point to go somewhere fun at least once a week. We went to a lot of water parks, lakes and state parks. I love the fact that we live in Utah, where there is always something fun to do out here and the views are just gorgeous.

When I got pregnant the one thing I worried about was postpartum depression. I am normally not a depressed person but there have been times when I have been depressed and its never fun, as I am sure everyone knows. So I had made myself a promise that once the baby came I would make sure I went out or had someone come over every day, that way I had a reason to fix myself. Having my cousin live 5 minutes away was a life saver cause she always knew when I was down. The other great thing that I think has helped me so far not feel down has been the fact that I try and go on a walk every day that I don't go to the gym or have people over.

I'll tell you what though a few weeks ago out of the blue I started to feel down. I didn't want to clean, I didn't want to get up, I was bitchy to Jon and I just was not a happy person at all. Even Jon said I was starting to remind him of my old pregnant self, poor Jon. One day I just broke down and started to cry and told Jon that I just was not feeling like my normal self ad that it felt like the worst feeling in the world. This went on for about 2 weeks but just like it came, one day I woke up and felt like my normal self again. Isn't that weird? Has that ever happened to any new mami out there? I told Jon had we had health care I would have seen a professional but oh well I'm not worried about it since I am back to normal.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Security System

I went out tonight for about an hour and when we get back home there was a truck in my driveway that I did not recognize. Then I walk inside the house and there are drills and a luggage by my back door and front door. So I yell out to Jon and ask him who is over since he didn't let me know anyone was coming over. I find out that its his friend Clegg that is over and that he has come up today without Jon knowing to install a security system in the house, he works for APX. In the last 3 weeks he has come up every Thursday and he said the 2 previous times he came up here he saw about 20 cops about to do a drug bust around our house, I guess he really likes us huh? Funny part is that a drug bust is the last thing I am worried about, how about I hear gun shots going off at night at least once a week. Also 3 months ago we are in bed and its around 1am and I am up to feed the baby and all of a sudden I hear a car door being slammed, then people running and then about 7 police cars right in front of my house and they are yelling to someone to get down. I freaked out since our window was wide open so Jon gets up quickly and closes the window but after a minute or so I didn't hear any gun shots so I figured it was safe and I went to the window and low and behold a Mexican is getting arrested right in front of my house. Then about that same time just 2 blocks away there was a drive by shooting at around midnight. Wait, wait it gets better the first night we were moving in we had talked to a neighbor and he told us this was a pretty good neighborhood and I am not even lying about 30 minutes later we hear what sounds like gun shots and then the same neighbor who told us this was a pretty good neighborhood is yelling from inside his house to get down cause there are shots going off. LMAO! Can you say funny? I guess we live in the ghetto, well as ghetto as it gets in Utah. The thing is that if you drive by and see our house its way nice not ghetto looking and our block is really nice and clean and lovely homes but one block down and its ghetto. Since moving in we have decided that we needed to get a gun and so I have gone shooting cause since I am home alone most of the time I need to know how to use it. We are not taking chances. Today though Clegg has made me very happy coming and surprising us with a security system. Can you tell we have amazing friends? Another time I will have to post a picture of the house and neighborhood so you can see I am not lying that it is nice.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Best diet plan that I have been on is...

getting pregnant, having a baby and then breast feeding! I highly recommend it, just kidding. Honestly though before I got pregnant I was at 129lbs which was 14lbs heavier than when I first moved out to Utah. For about 2 years I was trying to lose that weight but nothing worked. I guess nothing worked because I love food and hate to exercise. 

Let me tell you how it worked for me, first of all I must have some amazing genes, thank you mami! I got pregnant and within 8 weeks I was nauseous day and night which helped a lot with the weight, am I horrible or what? Since everything grossed me out I barely gained any weight and then I had the baby and I no longer am hungry so many times I forget to eat. Ok now if you know me you know this is not normal at all cause I love my food but I truly don't get hungry plus taking care of the baby I just forget to eat. Plus I am breast feeding which burns 500 calories a day. I don't understand why anyone would not want to breast feed when it does that. Well since all of that has been happening I finally am back to my high school weight, yay! I think I might need to go out and celebrate.

Funny thing so I am actually below my high school weight but my body is totally different, I didn't really know thats what it would be like but my lower body is so different. I no longer have a butt which makes me sad but hopefully going to the gym will help with that. 

On another note, I am so proud of Jon, he has been for about 5-6 weeks been trying to lose weight and he goes to the gym just about every day for like 2 hours. How awesome is that? I think that it makes him feel good cause he is in a better mood when he goes. The weight is slowly coming off which is the right way to do it.

Monday, September 7, 2009

THE best chocolate cake recipe

I used to hate anything chocolate. Isn't that the weirdest thing EVER? I do not know what was wrong with me but during my last trimester of my pregnancy I started to crave everything chocolate and ever since then I have been on a mission to find the best chocolate cake recipe and I have just recently found it. It is so moist and just plain yummy. So I have to share with everyone out there what I have found and if anyone gets a chance to make it let me know what you think.

2 cups of sugar
1 cup of butter, softened
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 large eggs
2 1/2 cups of cake flour
1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 1/4 cups buttermilk

HEAT oven to 350 degrees. Spray three 9-inch round cake pans or one 9x13 pan with non stick cooking spray.

BEAT sugar, butter and vanilla with electric mixer until light and fluffy. Beat in eggs one at a time. Mix cake flour, cocoa powder, baking soda and salt, beat into creamed mixture alternately with buttermilk. Beat 1 minute longer. Pour into pans.

BAKE for 26-30 minutes for the round pans for the 9x13 bake for about 35-40 minutes. Cool for 15 minutes. Remove from pan and cool completely.

When I made this recipe I used a cream cheese frosting and it was heaven. Enjoy!

We are sick!

Baby has been sick this past week but I just thought that it was his teething until saturday when he started coughing but since it didn't sound like a horrible cough I didn't worry too much. Saturday night however the cough got worse and so yesterday I called the doctor's office and I spoke to a nurse who made me feel better, she told me a few things to do but that if he didn't get any better to take him in. At the same time I made an appointment with her for today just in case he was not better. Well, last night was a horrible night...not only was he really sick but I now am sick too. Poor baby could barely breath and was not able to sleep good. I maybe got 3 hours of sleep off and on all night and poor Jon the same. So this morning we took baby in to the doctors and boy am I glad I did, it turns out he has bronchitis. I feel so bad for him, I wish I could have it instead of him. We came home and I was getting so frustrated with him cause he did not want to fall asleep and I was just really tired but then all of a sudden I got really emotional cause how in the world can I get frustrated at my precious baby. I felt like a horrible mami! Finally I was able to get him down and I have to admit I had to self medicate myself with some good meds and was able to get some much needed rest. I think tonight might be a better night just because I got some rest during the day. Lets hope the baby starts to feel better, specially since he is on some medication. Below is a picture of the baby from today. Don't you just feel so bad for him?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's been a LONG LONG time...

but this time I will try to blog regularly. So since the last blog I had a baby, we moved to Ogden and the business is doing good. 

So life as a mother is crazy, hard, no time for me but the weird thing is that I LOVE it and I wouldn't change it for the world. I now look back and cannot remember what life was like before he came along. 

This summer has been a really great summer, we have had my brother staying with us for a while, we went to a lake just about every week or did something outdoors. I love summers in Utah for now it is almost over and here comes winter soon whether we like it or not. I am telling myself that this winter I will find fun activities to do outside so that it doesn't get too depressing. Any ideas?

Lately I have been losing my mind, I swear its this motherhood thing getting to me. Last week I was at Walmart, I turned my car on and locked my keys in my car with my purse in it. Thank goodness I was with my sister and she had her phone so I called my husband but there was nothing he could do since he was in Salt Lake City for meetings that day and I guess we forgot to pay for out AAA card this past year and so he didn't have them to call. So by the time I figure all this out the baby is crying I am starting to get emotional not to mention its like 110 degrees outside. Well I decide to call the police, as soon as I mention that I needed help cause I locked my keys in my turned on car and that my baby is crying and in the heat, they had a police officer out there in, NO LIE, a minute max. The best part of it all was he was able to get my car unlocked, YAY! I love small towns where the police is never busy. A piece of advice if EVER you lock yourself out of your car, mention you have a baby and they will be out there in no time. Ok that was my first clue that I am losing my mind the second thing was today I go to Walmart to print some pictures from my camera. I print them up, by the way they turned out ugly never used the machine that prints them in minutes, I pay for them and I left Walmart and go to my cousins house while there I realize my camera is gone. AHHH!! I freaked out since it is a really nice and expensive camera that I had been wanting for years and finally my husband got it for me after the baby came along. Picture this...I am at my cousins house freaking out, I empty my purse and I start yelling and about to cry. While all of this is going on my sister ran to the car to get the receipt and so I call Walmart. Thank goodness I live in Utah, that's all I have to say! A nice gentleman had seen my camera and gave it to the lady at the photo lab. I LOVE nice and honest people. Now thinking about it, maybe its not that I am losing my mind but just maybe its a Walmart thing, huh...

Well everyone likes pictures so I will put some up from the last few months. Enjoy!