Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Am I judgmental?

This was so weird. Last night we were across the street talking to our neighbor (the one that helped me out the other day when I locked myself out of the house, you can read that story hear) as we were talking to him, I guess they were going to go hang out with him and his wife and were bringing over some drinks. So we were all talking and out of the blue the wife goes "we don't drink all the time" it made me feel so weird that she would say that. Afterwards I asked Jon if he had looked at them funny or if I had and we didn't think so. Now there are 2 reasons why she might have said that either they think all LDS people are judgmental or that we are. I honestly do not think that I am but hey who am I right? I now am feeling horrible though because I really hope she doesn't think that I am judging them for drinking. Little do they know that our whole family are not members and drinking is normal with the rest of our family. Oh well I just thought it was kinda weird of her to say that. 

On another note but still about the neighbor can I tell you that you has the most amazing legs. I am way jealous. I think I might need to go over there and ask her what she does to have such amazing legs.

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