Friday, April 27, 2012

Summer shopping

We are soon going on vacation with some good friends of ours. Both Ashley and I needed to do some clothes shopping but lets be for real, shopping with kids is a punishment.

Somehow we were both able to convince our husbands to watch the kids while we both went shopping a week before they both have finals. I must say we married some pretty awesome guys.

It was pretty amazing getting to shop without the little ones causing havoc. I somehow managed to only get one outfit but it was a skirt I had been looking for a while and I couldn't find, I also got some sandals and a pair of wedge shoes. Now I am set for summer!

I got home and like I always do I tried on my outfits which Jon always tells me he likes because he is a smart man but then tells me that the shoes I wore the one outfit with didn't look right and that I should wear it with a black pair of wedge shoes. He thought I would for sure have a pair of black wedge shoes which I don't. Now he is wishing he had kept his mouth shut because I am going to have to get a pair, ha.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Melt down

Well I have decided I must have a therapy session at least every 3 weeks if I go longer than that I start having melt downs. I had scheduled my therapy session for exactly 3 weeks away but my therapist had something come up so he scheduled me for the next day. By Wednesday night I started my downward spiral. No joke! And by Thursday I was just on full blown melt down like my husband, I am sure thought I was ready for the loony house.

At breakfast I spilled some water on my food and that was honestly enough for me to completely loose it. I started yelling at Jon and Mookie to please not look at me as I was completely having a melt down over my breakfast. Poor Mookie and Jon for having to see me in such a state. Mookie just kept on asking if I was ok which helped snap me out of it and then I was able to laugh about it. I wish that was the end of my story but no I eventually cried on the phone to my brother who cannot deal with emotional women and then flipped on my mother.

I keep going back to the same thing and doing and saying the same things hoping for a different outcome sadly not really realizing I won't EVER be getting a different response than I have gotten the last almost year. I think this is the definition of insane though so I just need to stop doing it.

My therapist told me some things I needed to hear today which were really good. One of them was that I need to come to terms with the fact that in this life I won't ever have a relationship with my father because he won't ever do the things that are in my "check list" I need to just leave that for after this life. I will for sure work on this. He also told me that I continue to have my melt downs most likely because I like feeling the adrenaline rush that I get during those moments. It's like an addiction. Lovely! Just what Jon keeps on saying. So I need to find a new way to get an adrenaline rush and get all that build up anger out. He told me to look at doing cardio.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


When I started planning Mookies party I figured we would just do it at Chuck E Cheese. I run this through Mookie and right away he said no that he wanted his birthday party at the pizza store so he could have his friends make pizzas with him. What a smart cookie he is and he totally knows what he wants and how he wants it. He also wanted a Power Ranger party which I told him would be fine until I started looking for ideas and decorations, yeah they are impossible to find. After about 2 months of looking for Power Ranger party things I gave up and just decided to do a Spiderman one since that is what he is most interested in other than Power Rangers. So this is what I came up with the week before his birthday. I was actually super happy with how everything turned out. Thank goodness for my good friend Ashley who helped me with mostly all the decorations.

The party turned out really well. Everyone made their own pizzas and loved it. Mookie was in heaven with tons of boys there. They even pretend fought which some moms didn't like but this is what boys do and I know this so who am I to rain on their parade go for it and if someone gets hurt then those are battle wounds. I am a little crazy though. I think everyone had fun. We opened up presents and Mookie was thrilled to get so many cute things. He loved everything he got. Jon and I surprised him by getting him his own big boy bicycle which he loved and has been riding almost every day since. Afterwards we moved the party to a bouncy house for the kids to get all of their energy out and that was a blast for all the kids.

I am so glad we had a great turn out and most importantly Mookie had a great day and felt special having everyone there to celebrate him. He exclaimed "this was the BEST birthday EVER" I am patting myself. Now time to plan my birthday and Jon's if only it were so easy to please adults but maybe I can pull some surprise for Jon this year other than the normal way we spend his day.

Thank you to everyone who came. You guys rock.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4 days of Celebration

On Tuesday we didn't do too much other than watch movies all day and eat whatever he wanted for meals including cookies and chocolate. His tio did come and play with him while I was at work which I am sure was a blast. On Wednesday we woke up to Jon bringing Mookie the gifts grandma had send for him which were 2 cute outfits that will come in handy this summer. Later that evening went to SLC to have dinner with friends and family. Sadly I didn't take any pictures that night other than the one below on the right. How handsome did he look though?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Its the big day!

My favorite little stinky man is turning 3 today.

What a joy it has been these last 3 years to have him in my life. I love him more than he will ever know, I am sure of that. His papa and I are the happiest parents in the world.

Happy birthday love, you are truly an angel send to us from up above.

This past year you have learned so much. You can now count to 20, can see your ABC's, make me laugh like crazy which means you have developed a funny bone like your papa. You have learned to go potty like the big boys. Loves to (pretend) read. You can now ride a tricycle, fight off bad guys (aka papa) and have developed an amazing imagination. You have also become a great artist and whenever I pull out the paint you get all excited, which I love. There are so many things you have started doing this year but I will keep the list short.

I love you my handsome little man! Cannot wait to see what new things come our way this coming year.

Monday, April 9, 2012


On Monday morning we woke up and as planned by Mookie we went to our favorite breakfast place Beez Cafe which is just a few minutes away. My mom and brother joined us for it. We had a good breakfast and a great start to an awesome day.

The we headed over to Walmart to have Mookie pick out his birthday gift. I give up on buying him gifts cause then he just get disappointed. We did buy him a big gift but we know he wanted that for a long time but he won't get till his birthday party. So I told him that he could pick out any toy in Walmart, which I was thinking might be a mistake but I was pleasantly surprised to see him go thru all the isles and then end up picking a dog that he can take on a walk.

Later on in the day after nap time (more for mami and daddy then for him) my other brother met up with us and we went over to a fun center in Ogden and spend the evening playing arcade games, riding bumper cars and walking around downtown Ogden. Finally went decided to head over to dinner at Iggys which was a big disappointment on the food but we had fun nonetheless because in all reality Mookie could care less about how good or not the food was.

All in all we had a pretty good day celebrating Mookies birth. He has been an amazing gift to both Jon and I and we love to celebrated this special boy in a big way every year. I do go a little over board with everything but oh well that's what mama's are for.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Three years ago I woke up bathe, run some errands with Jon, had lunch and then waited for 5:00 so we could start getting ready to head to the hospital. At 6:00pm I checked myself into the hospital to be induced. While checking in I had family calling me from Costa Rica wishing me the best which was really sweet of them to do.

I didn't even know what to expect but I was ready to have my baby in my arms. They got me started at about 8pm and the contractions started shortly there after but they weren't too bad. They just felt like normal menstrual pain. I even fell asleep for a few hours and during those hours I would only wake up when the nurses would come and check on me.

At some point during the early morning hours the pain was starting to increase so sleep was no longer happening so Jon and I watched some Alias since were trying to finish the series before the baby came. Which at some point I just told him to turn off because I no longer wanted to watch anything.

Then came the next morning....


As I said before he thinks everyone is his friend and he loves everyone. I love that about him. Isn't awesome how children do not see skin color or disabilities. I wish everyone in this world was like that it would sure make everyone's life easier.

He has a few friends here at our playground and its so cute seeing him with them. Of course they are all girls cause I swear there are barely any boys and the ones that are here are either older or mean. So he is a ladies man, they all love him and even come knocking for him.

If you ask him who his best friend is he will tell you its Jen. Jen is my best friend and he hears me say that so he is convinced she is also his best friend and who am I to tell him no cause he will fight me on this. However I believe his best friend is Braelee, her mami watches Mookie for me twice a week while I am at work during the day and they have become good friends and love on each other non-stop. Whenever I go to drop him off she immediately runs to the door and starts saying "meme, meme, my meme" that's what she calls him, isn't that just too sweet?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

3 years ago

Three years ago today I was still hugely pregnant and so ready to have that baby boy come out. However if it had been up to him I am not sure he would have came out. I went into my doctors office for my weekly check up and he told me that I was not dilated or effaced but since he was going out of town in a few days and I was too anxious about him not being there he told me he was just going to induce me. He called the hospital and set me up for the next day to go in and be induced.

I remember leaving my doctors office and feeling like everything that was happening was surreal. We went home and spend the next 24 hours at home not even knowing what to do with ourselves. We did pack up some bags and I fixed my hair but that was about it.

Little did I know how much my life was about to change forever and how blessed I truly was and am that Heavenly Father has given me the opportunity to be a mother to the most precious, sweet, loving, smartest little boy on the planet. My life will never be the same and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Teaching me

Mookie has already taught me so much in these last 3 years. I have learned so much about myself from just being a mom that I never knew. I am actually a very loving person who would have thought, ha. My patience has grown even though it is no where near where I want it to be. He has made me have more faith in my Heavenly Father than I ever before had to. Has made me realize that this world does not revolve around me rather it revolves around him, ha. Really it does if you ask him. He has also taught me how I should be when it comes to forgiveness. I so wish it was as easy as he makes it look.

For example today I was a horrible mami, I screamed too much, fought him on everything, didn't pay him nearly enough attention. Normally when I have days like today by then end of the day I always sit and ponder and realize how I have failed miserably as a mami. So I sat him down next to me and told him how sorry I was for being mean and naughty to him. Without even really thinking he always says "mami it's ok, I forgive you" I immediately break down and cry like a baby in front of him because not only do I live this little man but it reminds me that this is how I need to be to people in my life who hurt me because just maybe they are having a bad day. Love the reality check I sometimes get from him.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sweetest boy

I am determined that Heavenly Father knew hard times were right around the corner when he send me this precious little angel. He has been a blessing in my life.

During my hard days emotionally when all I wanna do is curl up in bed and cry this boy will come over give me the biggest hugs, wipe my tears and tell me "mami it gonna be ok, okay?" and continue to hug me followed by kisses. Oh and if I am upset cause someone has been mean to me in front of him he will send such person to time out and tell them that's not nice.

See he is my angel!

I truly have loved seeing him become this sweet boy he is in the last year. He thinks everyone is his best friend and will give everyone hugs and kisses, well not everyone but the important people in his life.

I also love how he will randomly give me and Jon kisses, hugs and tell us he loves us. He truly is the sweetest boy I know. I hope it continues.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Eating changes

In the last few month something wonderful has happened. I do not know what clicked in his little brain but I am so glad it did. Maybe my prayers were answered because I would pray and cry to my Heavenly Father to please allow a little miracle to happen and make it so my boy would want to eat just a little bit more.

A year ago this child would only eat bananas, milk, pancake, cheese burger (only from mcdonalds),apple juice, apples, pb&j, chicken nuggets, yogurt, cheese, pizza, blueberries, watermelon and that is pretty much it. I am not exaggerating that really was it. It was super hard making meals for him because there would be days he wanted nothing to do with a certain foods. I thought I was gonna go crazy.

I got this idea that every time I am eating something I should ask him if he wants to try it or taste it. I did this for months and every time he would say "no mami, that ewwy" but I kept it up and then about 3 months ago I had some broccoli in the fridge and he was trying to get out of nap time so I told him if he ate 2 pieces of broccoli I would allow him to get out of nap time. To my surprise he ate both pieces and asked for more. Honestly I almost fell out of my chair. I really could not believe it. Ever since then he has been more willing to try other things.

So now he still eats all the previous foods along with broccoli, carrots, waffles, veggie chips, gold fish, fruit snacks, chocolate milk, pediasure, grapes, strawberries, rice, oatmeal, lucky charms cereal, cheerios, dried fruit, different types of cheese burgers, popcorn, mac & cheese...there are more things I am sure but just cannot remember. Now he is not as afraid to try or taste something and he has realized that he actually likes somethings. Whenever he tries something he doesn't like I do not push it on him.

Life has truly gotten so much easier around here and to top it off he has gained 4 pounds in the last 2 months. He is so excited and every time after he eats he stands up tall and says "am I big like Hulk" he thinks Jon is Hulk and he wants to be just like his papa so of course I tell him he is getting bigger like Hulk and pretty soon will be able to beat up on papa to which he laughs at and then pulls some superhero move.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Potty Training

My little man is the smartest boy I know. I have always heard that boys are super hard to train and that most do not train until after they are 3. I was totally expecting it to not happen until after he was 3. However Mookie had other plans.

Since I am a very laid back parent I didn't really push it. If he asked to go I took him if not then that was ok. One day out of the blue he said he wanted to wear underwear not a diaper so I did as he said. After that every day for about 2 weeks I would give him the choice of underwear or diaper and he would choose. We had a few accidents but nothing major. Finally we were done with diapers during the day and then he told me one day he was a big boy and didn't need diapers at night and that was it. We have had about 4 nights where he has peed himself and we get woken up but other than that he is fully potty trained. It was the easiest thing on the planet.

Maybe I just have the smartest child alive or something. I keep telling Jon I am not sure we can have another one cause we have had so easy with Mookie we might not get so lucky next time. Or maybe I am always expecting the worse so it has helped me feel like things could be worse. Who knows.

Love these 2 together. Bentley misses her so much and asks for her all the time.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I was full on expecting Mookie's second year to be hard one for both him and us with throwing tantrums and acting up but to tell you the truth it has not been as hard as I expected. I heard everyone say how hard 2's are but I now don't believe it, haha. Maybe I got lucky. Don't get me wrong there were days where I wasn't sure if we were gonna make it through them but we somehow did and then there were days when I didn't want them to end cause we were having way too much fun and my stinky man was being cuter then normal.

This last year Mookie has learned how to completely communicate and have us understand everything he says. I love this so much because at the beginning I am sure this is why he was throwing tantrums because he would get so frustrated with us that we didn't understand him. Once he started talking more then tantrums went away for the most part. Unless we are at Walmart and he wants a toy then we either just get him a toy because wasting a few dollars is totally worth my sanity or when he wants an expensive one just grab him and leave without shopping.

He has become a comedian just like his father and I absolutely love it, cannot get enough of it. Just the other day he mooned me while I was taking a shower, where does he even come up with that is beyond me because (I promise) we do not do this. I about died laughing of course so now he thinks its hilarious to do it to me all the time. Thank goodness it hasn't happened out in public yet. He will say the funniest things all day long and sometimes I think he says then knowing they will be funny. Just the other day after doing our morning prayer he goes "mami that was a nice story".

He has also become a nudist so if you ever show up at my house unexpected you will be greeted by my naked little man. We clearly wear clothes at home but he just cannot or does not want to understand this concept. Getting clothes on him in the morning is a struggle as he fights me that he just wants to go outside naked and he totally tries to convince me all the time to let him. The second we walk in the house the throws he shoes off and then the rest follows. We got through 3-4 pairs of underwear a day as I try to keep one on him at all times and he will take them off and hide them throughout the house. The only person who can manage to keep at least an underwear on him is my mother and how she does it I have no clue. She must bribe him with candy or chocolate.

Monday, April 2, 2012

My last week with a 2 year old

I am beyond sad and shocked at how fast time has gone by. Sometimes I wish I could freeze time and just have my Mookie stay at this age forever. I do say this every year though so I am such I will forever feel like freezing time at that certain age.

This little man had made me a better person. I am so proud to be his mami specially seeing the sweet little man he is turning into.

There have been tons of moments this year where he will do or say something and I will think to myself "I must be doing okay as a mom" of course I also have moments way more than I would like where I feel like I am failing but I am sure that's life of a mother.

This is our last week with a 2 year old around and I am trying to take in every moment I possibly can and cherish it. I will try and take tons of pictures and post of his every day life.

I will be posting every day about him and what has changed in his life this year, just so I can go back and read years to come.

My sweet man sleeping and looking like the angel that he is in my life. I do stalk him while he naps and take pictures all the time, I just can't help myself.