Monday, April 2, 2012

My last week with a 2 year old

I am beyond sad and shocked at how fast time has gone by. Sometimes I wish I could freeze time and just have my Mookie stay at this age forever. I do say this every year though so I am such I will forever feel like freezing time at that certain age.

This little man had made me a better person. I am so proud to be his mami specially seeing the sweet little man he is turning into.

There have been tons of moments this year where he will do or say something and I will think to myself "I must be doing okay as a mom" of course I also have moments way more than I would like where I feel like I am failing but I am sure that's life of a mother.

This is our last week with a 2 year old around and I am trying to take in every moment I possibly can and cherish it. I will try and take tons of pictures and post of his every day life.

I will be posting every day about him and what has changed in his life this year, just so I can go back and read years to come.

My sweet man sleeping and looking like the angel that he is in my life. I do stalk him while he naps and take pictures all the time, I just can't help myself.

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