Sunday, April 15, 2012


When I started planning Mookies party I figured we would just do it at Chuck E Cheese. I run this through Mookie and right away he said no that he wanted his birthday party at the pizza store so he could have his friends make pizzas with him. What a smart cookie he is and he totally knows what he wants and how he wants it. He also wanted a Power Ranger party which I told him would be fine until I started looking for ideas and decorations, yeah they are impossible to find. After about 2 months of looking for Power Ranger party things I gave up and just decided to do a Spiderman one since that is what he is most interested in other than Power Rangers. So this is what I came up with the week before his birthday. I was actually super happy with how everything turned out. Thank goodness for my good friend Ashley who helped me with mostly all the decorations.

The party turned out really well. Everyone made their own pizzas and loved it. Mookie was in heaven with tons of boys there. They even pretend fought which some moms didn't like but this is what boys do and I know this so who am I to rain on their parade go for it and if someone gets hurt then those are battle wounds. I am a little crazy though. I think everyone had fun. We opened up presents and Mookie was thrilled to get so many cute things. He loved everything he got. Jon and I surprised him by getting him his own big boy bicycle which he loved and has been riding almost every day since. Afterwards we moved the party to a bouncy house for the kids to get all of their energy out and that was a blast for all the kids.

I am so glad we had a great turn out and most importantly Mookie had a great day and felt special having everyone there to celebrate him. He exclaimed "this was the BEST birthday EVER" I am patting myself. Now time to plan my birthday and Jon's if only it were so easy to please adults but maybe I can pull some surprise for Jon this year other than the normal way we spend his day.

Thank you to everyone who came. You guys rock.

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