Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Potty Training

My little man is the smartest boy I know. I have always heard that boys are super hard to train and that most do not train until after they are 3. I was totally expecting it to not happen until after he was 3. However Mookie had other plans.

Since I am a very laid back parent I didn't really push it. If he asked to go I took him if not then that was ok. One day out of the blue he said he wanted to wear underwear not a diaper so I did as he said. After that every day for about 2 weeks I would give him the choice of underwear or diaper and he would choose. We had a few accidents but nothing major. Finally we were done with diapers during the day and then he told me one day he was a big boy and didn't need diapers at night and that was it. We have had about 4 nights where he has peed himself and we get woken up but other than that he is fully potty trained. It was the easiest thing on the planet.

Maybe I just have the smartest child alive or something. I keep telling Jon I am not sure we can have another one cause we have had so easy with Mookie we might not get so lucky next time. Or maybe I am always expecting the worse so it has helped me feel like things could be worse. Who knows.

Love these 2 together. Bentley misses her so much and asks for her all the time.

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