Monday, April 9, 2012


On Monday morning we woke up and as planned by Mookie we went to our favorite breakfast place Beez Cafe which is just a few minutes away. My mom and brother joined us for it. We had a good breakfast and a great start to an awesome day.

The we headed over to Walmart to have Mookie pick out his birthday gift. I give up on buying him gifts cause then he just get disappointed. We did buy him a big gift but we know he wanted that for a long time but he won't get till his birthday party. So I told him that he could pick out any toy in Walmart, which I was thinking might be a mistake but I was pleasantly surprised to see him go thru all the isles and then end up picking a dog that he can take on a walk.

Later on in the day after nap time (more for mami and daddy then for him) my other brother met up with us and we went over to a fun center in Ogden and spend the evening playing arcade games, riding bumper cars and walking around downtown Ogden. Finally went decided to head over to dinner at Iggys which was a big disappointment on the food but we had fun nonetheless because in all reality Mookie could care less about how good or not the food was.

All in all we had a pretty good day celebrating Mookies birth. He has been an amazing gift to both Jon and I and we love to celebrated this special boy in a big way every year. I do go a little over board with everything but oh well that's what mama's are for.

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Midwayedancer said...

Sounds like a great birthday!!