Sunday, April 8, 2012


As I said before he thinks everyone is his friend and he loves everyone. I love that about him. Isn't awesome how children do not see skin color or disabilities. I wish everyone in this world was like that it would sure make everyone's life easier.

He has a few friends here at our playground and its so cute seeing him with them. Of course they are all girls cause I swear there are barely any boys and the ones that are here are either older or mean. So he is a ladies man, they all love him and even come knocking for him.

If you ask him who his best friend is he will tell you its Jen. Jen is my best friend and he hears me say that so he is convinced she is also his best friend and who am I to tell him no cause he will fight me on this. However I believe his best friend is Braelee, her mami watches Mookie for me twice a week while I am at work during the day and they have become good friends and love on each other non-stop. Whenever I go to drop him off she immediately runs to the door and starts saying "meme, meme, my meme" that's what she calls him, isn't that just too sweet?

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