Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Its the big day!

My favorite little stinky man is turning 3 today.

What a joy it has been these last 3 years to have him in my life. I love him more than he will ever know, I am sure of that. His papa and I are the happiest parents in the world.

Happy birthday love, you are truly an angel send to us from up above.

This past year you have learned so much. You can now count to 20, can see your ABC's, make me laugh like crazy which means you have developed a funny bone like your papa. You have learned to go potty like the big boys. Loves to (pretend) read. You can now ride a tricycle, fight off bad guys (aka papa) and have developed an amazing imagination. You have also become a great artist and whenever I pull out the paint you get all excited, which I love. There are so many things you have started doing this year but I will keep the list short.

I love you my handsome little man! Cannot wait to see what new things come our way this coming year.

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