Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I was full on expecting Mookie's second year to be hard one for both him and us with throwing tantrums and acting up but to tell you the truth it has not been as hard as I expected. I heard everyone say how hard 2's are but I now don't believe it, haha. Maybe I got lucky. Don't get me wrong there were days where I wasn't sure if we were gonna make it through them but we somehow did and then there were days when I didn't want them to end cause we were having way too much fun and my stinky man was being cuter then normal.

This last year Mookie has learned how to completely communicate and have us understand everything he says. I love this so much because at the beginning I am sure this is why he was throwing tantrums because he would get so frustrated with us that we didn't understand him. Once he started talking more then tantrums went away for the most part. Unless we are at Walmart and he wants a toy then we either just get him a toy because wasting a few dollars is totally worth my sanity or when he wants an expensive one just grab him and leave without shopping.

He has become a comedian just like his father and I absolutely love it, cannot get enough of it. Just the other day he mooned me while I was taking a shower, where does he even come up with that is beyond me because (I promise) we do not do this. I about died laughing of course so now he thinks its hilarious to do it to me all the time. Thank goodness it hasn't happened out in public yet. He will say the funniest things all day long and sometimes I think he says then knowing they will be funny. Just the other day after doing our morning prayer he goes "mami that was a nice story".

He has also become a nudist so if you ever show up at my house unexpected you will be greeted by my naked little man. We clearly wear clothes at home but he just cannot or does not want to understand this concept. Getting clothes on him in the morning is a struggle as he fights me that he just wants to go outside naked and he totally tries to convince me all the time to let him. The second we walk in the house the throws he shoes off and then the rest follows. We got through 3-4 pairs of underwear a day as I try to keep one on him at all times and he will take them off and hide them throughout the house. The only person who can manage to keep at least an underwear on him is my mother and how she does it I have no clue. She must bribe him with candy or chocolate.

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