Friday, April 27, 2012

Summer shopping

We are soon going on vacation with some good friends of ours. Both Ashley and I needed to do some clothes shopping but lets be for real, shopping with kids is a punishment.

Somehow we were both able to convince our husbands to watch the kids while we both went shopping a week before they both have finals. I must say we married some pretty awesome guys.

It was pretty amazing getting to shop without the little ones causing havoc. I somehow managed to only get one outfit but it was a skirt I had been looking for a while and I couldn't find, I also got some sandals and a pair of wedge shoes. Now I am set for summer!

I got home and like I always do I tried on my outfits which Jon always tells me he likes because he is a smart man but then tells me that the shoes I wore the one outfit with didn't look right and that I should wear it with a black pair of wedge shoes. He thought I would for sure have a pair of black wedge shoes which I don't. Now he is wishing he had kept his mouth shut because I am going to have to get a pair, ha.

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Midwayedancer said...

Post some pics of your shopping finds.