Thursday, April 5, 2012

Eating changes

In the last few month something wonderful has happened. I do not know what clicked in his little brain but I am so glad it did. Maybe my prayers were answered because I would pray and cry to my Heavenly Father to please allow a little miracle to happen and make it so my boy would want to eat just a little bit more.

A year ago this child would only eat bananas, milk, pancake, cheese burger (only from mcdonalds),apple juice, apples, pb&j, chicken nuggets, yogurt, cheese, pizza, blueberries, watermelon and that is pretty much it. I am not exaggerating that really was it. It was super hard making meals for him because there would be days he wanted nothing to do with a certain foods. I thought I was gonna go crazy.

I got this idea that every time I am eating something I should ask him if he wants to try it or taste it. I did this for months and every time he would say "no mami, that ewwy" but I kept it up and then about 3 months ago I had some broccoli in the fridge and he was trying to get out of nap time so I told him if he ate 2 pieces of broccoli I would allow him to get out of nap time. To my surprise he ate both pieces and asked for more. Honestly I almost fell out of my chair. I really could not believe it. Ever since then he has been more willing to try other things.

So now he still eats all the previous foods along with broccoli, carrots, waffles, veggie chips, gold fish, fruit snacks, chocolate milk, pediasure, grapes, strawberries, rice, oatmeal, lucky charms cereal, cheerios, dried fruit, different types of cheese burgers, popcorn, mac & cheese...there are more things I am sure but just cannot remember. Now he is not as afraid to try or taste something and he has realized that he actually likes somethings. Whenever he tries something he doesn't like I do not push it on him.

Life has truly gotten so much easier around here and to top it off he has gained 4 pounds in the last 2 months. He is so excited and every time after he eats he stands up tall and says "am I big like Hulk" he thinks Jon is Hulk and he wants to be just like his papa so of course I tell him he is getting bigger like Hulk and pretty soon will be able to beat up on papa to which he laughs at and then pulls some superhero move.

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