Monday, June 4, 2012

Loving this weather

The last 2 days have been amazing, weather wise which always makes for a good days since they are mostly spent outdoors.

I am so grateful that we live at a complex that has not one but 2 pools.

Since I gave birth to a fish a didn't realize it, it makes summers a blast. We are out there just about every day. Honestly my child could be in the water all day long no problem.

Yesterday I invited my cousin to come hang out with us and it was so much fun for me to have someone to talk to specially when its one of my all time favorite. When we got to the pool there was a 13 year old girl sitting next to us and Mookie started up a conversation with her. She must have fell in love with him cause for the next 3 hours she played with him and was like a "mommy" to him. Way too cute. I ended up paying her a few dollars for basically watching my kid the whole time.

Last night Mookie asked for me to invite his one friend over so I texted her mami. When I told Mookie her mami had said yes he jumped up and down while clapping his hands. He was super excited.

Today was fun also since Mookie had friends to play with and I had a mami friend to talk to. We were again out there for 2 hours straight.

I gotta say I better start bringing a hat cause I am getting quite dark and this year I wanted to try and stay as white ad possible. I use 50 SPF+ but still tan like its going out of style.

So far this summer Mookie can go in the big pool and swim with no help as log as he has his floaties. He has just learned to jump in the big pool with no one being there to catch him. Wonder what he will be doing by the end of summer.

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