Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wednesday night, bike night?

So I had said Wednesday nights would be bike nights right? My friend Anne and I did it last week and we were both planning for this week.

I got home from work tool a shower and put on my biking clothes that y sweet Aunt had send with Jon. I was looking pretty good, ha. I had send Jon to get a tube for my bike since last week I got a flat. Jon gets home an realizes he bought the wrong tube so back out his goes. Mind you this is a bike tube that you can only buy at the bike shop which happens to be 20 minutes away. He comes home with 2 of them. Perfect I am getting super excited! Then the first tube gets a hole since Jon didn't check for any more prickly things on the tire. Then as he is putting in the second one he pops it with the bike tool. I was so disappointed. My night was officially ruined.

In an attempt to not have my night completely ruined I put on my running pants and Jon and Mookie joined me at the trail for a walk. We ended up having a great time together. I think after Jon being gone for a few dad Mookie really needed this time with papa. He truly had a blast.

We were going to try and get some snow cones for the first time this year but by the time we were done it was too late. I guess we will have to go another time.

Well I hope next Wednesday I am able to actually get out on my bike with my friend and once again have an adventure and great conversation.

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