Sunday, June 3, 2012

What I love

I am so grateful that my husband and I decided when Mookie was born that we would be doing attach parenting and most importantly that we would have a family bed and be co-sleeping.

Now before anyone goes judging my husband or I, we believe every parent gets to make their own choices with how they will parent and you will never hear me judge you for your choices so don't judge us. Well unless you spank or hit then it's all game for me to judge since I am well aware if the mental issues that come later on in life from that.

I have and continue to truly enjoy and love having a family bed. Having an infant was the easiest thing on the planet since he was right next to me. As he gets older I realize how fast time goes by and how pretty soon it won't be "cool" sleeping with mami and daddy so I am trying to saver every minute.

I love the fact that he touches my hair at night, snuggles me all night and will request for me to snuggle him all night. He also kisses me tons before going to bed and tells me he loves me constantly.

This morning as I lay next to him he is sounding like a baby bear. I love it! Allergies are bad right now for everyone so that's why he is sounded like a bear but I swear it's the cutest thin on the planet. I get reminded every morning by just watching him sleep that he is an angel send to me. How lucky am I?

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Midwayedancer said...

I loved cosleeping with Isaac too. Everyone said it would be a bad habit to break, but when the time was right, he didn't have an issue sleeping on his own.