Wednesday, February 8, 2012


On Monday I took Baby to an indoor playground which I normally hate doing because of all the germs but we needed to kill some time.

After being there for some time a mom gets on a call with a doctor and starts telling the doctor her kids symptoms. The one child who was the "sickest" had been playing with Baby and some other kids for a while.

It took everything in me not to wanna yell at this woman. Why in the world are you out with sick children at a playground? Are people really that dumb? I mean no offense but I never take my child out while he is sick cause I would feel horrible if he got other kids sick. Clearly some parents don't care but you better believe next time I will not keep my mouth shut when I am in that same situation cause it sucks being woken up at 2:30am by being puked on and then noticing your child is on fire.

Now I am having to miss work to take care of my sick baby. Thank goodness my brother is pretty amazing and will go work for me.