Monday, May 17, 2010


Well my testimony has been struggling for a while now and the last 2 months have been the worst. I cannot seem to find the desire to do any scripture reading or FHE or even go to church. This is horrible I know. Since moving to this new place we stopped going to church slowly cause we don't really like the people there we feel like outsiders and then everything else has stopped.

I have been feeling guilty and so this week I had been praying to God to please give me the desire to want to go back to church. Every night when I am breast feeding Baby I meditate and while doing that I have been talking to God, hoping that he would listen to me. Then on Friday I lost my car keys, which is not at all uncommon. However this time I was really not able to find them anywhere. I looked thru the whole house, outside, the trash, you name it I looked in there. Finally I called Jon and let him know what I had done. Ok, let me explain this key is electronic and so to replace it would cost over $360. I was pretty bummed. When Jon got home he looked again thru the trash and the dirty clothes and then the car to see if he could see it from outside. At the same time I went to put Baby down and while feeding him I started to talk to God again. This time I said Heavenly Father please if there is any way possible and no one has taken my key please guide me to where they are or let me know where I should look. No lie at that same moment I had a thought cross my mind and it was the Baby playing in the utensil drawer. After putting Baby in the crib I come to the kitchen and ask my husband if he found the key, he tells me he did but says "you won't believe where I found them". Yup, in the utensil drawer.

This was what I have been needing. It gave me chills and all. It also made me realize once again that I am a daughter of God and that he is listening to me even when I am not doing everything I should. He loves me no matter what. It also shocked me at how fast he answered my prayer.

To say the least it has been the little boost I needed to get my butt to church. At least for sacrament since its the only thing Baby will make it thru.

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