Monday, April 5, 2010


I have decided that Easter is Christmas and Halloween combined into one holiday.

I was looking at people's pictures of Easter on facebook and their kids get tons of toys and tons of candy. I'm not sure what I think about this.

We went to my SIL's home for lunch yesterday and it wasn't as bad, she did get candy and some toys but clearly not as much as some kids do. Baby on the other hand got nothing cause I am confused as what you do with children for this holiday because growing up in Costa Rica we didn't do anything like they do in the States. In Costa Rica is more about the food you eat and children are required to be very quiet during the weekend of Easter. Anyways...going back to my SIL's house, my niece had these carrots full of just colored sugar and Baby got ahold of one of them and he was going to town with it. As soon as I saw this going on I was on top of him taking it out of his hands. Sugar and Baby do not mix well together. Let me just tell you that last night was rough, he had way too much energy and then today he did not take a morning nap there was no way of getting him down.

I give him candy sometimes if I am eating a piece but its not a carrots full of sugar. I cannot believe they sell that stuff for kids.

On a different note...while I was trying to give him a nap he got off the bed and went to a corner to play with some toys and I heard him pooping. I tell Jon to please get me some wipes and a diaper. When he gets up to go get them he notices Baby has taken part of his diaper off. I got up to see that Baby got really his whole diaper off and pooped on the carpet. To top it off he steps on it and as I go to grab him he falls on his butt which still had a piece of poop on so now there is poop on his foot and smeared on his butt and the carpet.

The beauty of having a baby.

Lesson learned though I will no longer let him walk around without a onesie on.

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