Friday, July 19, 2013

Disney Day 1

As my birthday present my aunt send us to Disneyland!

Can I just tell you I was brought to tears when I found out.

I have never been to Disney my whole life so the fact that I was getting to experience it with Bentley for our first time was so awesome.

I had know for a few days this was happening but we didn't tell Bentley until we were 30 minutes away. He was shocked and probably still to sleepy to really fully understand what was going on.

We got to our hotel bright and early. Checked in and went right away to Disney. Our Hotel was right by California Adventure so still pretty close to Disney.

What a magical place, really. 

We walked around for a bit just trying to take everything in. We went on a train ride then we headed to the Dumbo ride which for me was a must, I had dream about this for years, I mean decades of being able to ride the Dumbo ride and the tea cups. Dumbo ride was boring but I had to do it and have a picture taken. Then we headed to the tea cups and they were having some problems with it so closed it down. I was kinda bummed since that was one of my must but oh well I survived. Right after that we went over to Mickey's Toontown, this was Bentley's favorite place. I also loved it here. They had rides that were cool enough for me but not too scary for Bentley. His favorite was the roller coaster and kept on asking to take him back, we should've. Then we tried to go on one ride, I cant remember the name but it's been there forever, but Bentley was less than an each too short for it. He was so sad he was too short because he was sure he had grown, poor kid. We then headed to Splash Mountain which was so fun but I am sure we will never be able to get Bentley to go on it again. My all time favorite ride that we did that day was the Pirated of the Caribbean. Disney really doesn't mess around with their rides, they are truly an experience from start to finish, even Bentley liked this ride which is shocking since he normally doesn't like dark things. Jon had been to Disney before so he knew the cool rides to get on which was nice. 

The day went by so fast and before we knew it, it was time for our dinner reservation over at Goofy's Kitchen. This was a far walk for us and Bentley was not at all happy. These character dinners are not worth the money really. I am glad we did it for Bentley but that will never again be happening. The food isn't all that great, specially when you just paid a small fortune to get in. 

Then we headed back to Disney to get on some more rides and watch the fireworks. We got on the Toy Story ride and some space one. Bentley kept on talking about the Nemo ride so finally we decided to go, it was the longest wait we had had all day. It probably took over an hour to get on this ride which is a submarine. At first I was mad we had just waited all that time for what we were seeing but it got better. Not sure I will ever go on it again unless of course Bentley wants to. By then it was time to go find a spot to watch the fireworks at. Holy cow was I blown away at the amazing show Disney puts on every single night. Bentley as usual fell asleep before the fireworks and woke up very sad the next day that he had missed them.

I used to not understand why people paid the crazy amounts they did to go to Disney but now I get it. This place is just magical! The customer service here is amazing, they really have their stuff figured out.  

Things I learned:
-bring a stroller, this is a must unless your kids are over 6, honestly
-the food inside Disney is not expensive at all, so have dinner there
-never pay for character dinning
-you can bring your own food
-come prepared to do a lot of walking
-Disney is not the place to make a fashion statement, its about comfort

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