Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The rest of July

The rest of July was a little more relaxed than the beginning of it.

Bentley started his second round of swim lessons which he loved and has gotten so good at swimming. I am one proud mama. He just catches on to things so easily.

We mainly hung out at Meme's house and started doing some school work which he actually really enjoyed. We did a lot of swimming, bike riding, going on walks to feed the ducks and running around the golf course.

One day we woke up from a nap to it being really dark outside when I looked out the mountains were on fire. It's crazy how fast a fire can develop. The fire went on for about a week before they had it under control. The winds were bringing all the smoke and ash right to us so our cars were filled with ash and just walking outside you felt like you might end up with cancer. The smoke from it completely blocked the sun for at least 5 days so we had some very gloomy days.

One Sunday Meme send us all to Chuckie Cheese which was a blast for the children. Bentley loves that place but I am sure all kids do. 

We also spend our last few days with my dog as the apartment we had gotten didn't allow pets so she will be living with my mom.

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