Monday, April 18, 2011

Mom's birthday party!

I wanted to have a big party for my mom's birthday but Baby was sick and so was the hubby and I was feeling like I was coming down with something so it was a small get together. I wanted to also have a Costa Rican meal but that didn't happen. Oh well I guess we will have to do that for Mother's Day or sometime next month.

Everyone in my family loves Thanksgiving dinner so I decided to recreate it. It went pretty good. My cousin of course cooked the turkey since I do not know how to cook a turkey yet. I did make the birthday cake and it was pretty amazing. It was a strawberry one with strawberry filling and cream cheese frosting, I also put white chocolate covered strawberries on top of it. Yumm! Everyone loved it.

Towards the end I brought out the gift we had for my mom and she was super surprised and happy. We had bought her some clothes for the summer plus we gave her some money to buy herself some summer shoes.

I felt really good to be able to do all of that for my mom. She is an amazing woman.

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