Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stocking tutorial

Well kind of a tutorial I didn't take pictures of all the steps.

I decided this year for Christmas I was going to make my husband's aunt and grandma something Christmasy for decoration. In October I made one boot so I figured I would make 2 more. This one is for his grandma and she loves everything leopard so I added that to it and I actually made the pattern myself. I impressed myself by doing that since I can't draw for my life but maybe things are changing now that I am using my creative side.

Here are some of the pictures and step:

-This is the pattern I made.

-This is what the pattern looks like.
-I cut out the pattern
-Then I cut out some leopard fabric in the size I wanted it to be at the top and pinned it all together then I sewed it up
- Then I stuffed it with filling
-I already had a big flower so I glued it on and there you have it

I know these instructions are not good but next project I will take good pictures of every step. This is the end result. I love it.