Monday, January 10, 2011

The kind of mom I wanna be

I read on someones blog about the kind of mom that they have decided to be and it just hit me that that is exactly how I want to be but for me it will take some time. This year I will make a bigger effort to do this.

What she said was that she heard someone say once that when children grow up they are not going to remember if the cupboards were cleaned or if you spend an hour on dinner or if the house was vacuumed or not. What they WILL remember is if you took time out of your daily life to get on the ground with them and play.

On a daily basis I worry so much more about whether my house is cleaned and about having a good dinner than playing with my son who is growing up way too fast. I am going to try so hard this year to do this and not worry about what others think of my house. People I have a child living here!

I might actually make a sign saying that.

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