Monday, January 3, 2011

We are having a rough day

It all started on Saturday during Baby's nap, I felt him and he was super hot. I didn't wake him up I just waited till he woke up and then I took his temperature which was at 103.4 way too high. I panicked and called my MIL who is a nurse but she didn't answer so I called my SIL she told me to give him tylenol and motrin. I did that and the temperature went down and then the rest of the day he was totally fine no temperature he ate normal and played all day. Around bedtime again the fever came back but with some tylenol it went down. Yesterday he acted normal but again around bedtime his fever came back and this time nothing would bring it down all night long. This made for a horrible night. We barely got any sleep.

By morning time I was determined that this needed a doctor visit however my husband not so much. I don't know what it is about guys but if it were up to them children would never be seen by doctors or maybe that's just my husband who knows. I told him to read up on ear infections cause I was certain thats what it was. After looking it up and seeing that if he did have an ear infection and it didn't get treated he could lose hearing he was a go.

Well don't you know I was right he has an ear infection. This is the first ear infection and HOLLY COW! Oh my goodness I am about to pull my hair out.

He wants nothing but boobie and the problem is there is no boobie juice :( how sad...I am not allowed to touch him neither is my husband. He won't eat or drink anything. He is just walking around the house crying and screaming. This makes me so sad. I hope the antibiotics will kick in soon and make him feel better cause I just do not know what to do.


Midwayedancer said...

Oh man! When baby isn't happy, no one is happy. I hope your little guy feels better soon. When Isaac would get ear infections I would give him a double dose of the anti-biotic the first time.

Laura said...

Thanks for the info, I just went and did that.