Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sleeping issues

Last night CANNOT be repeated...

Baby did not fall asleep till after midnight. Can you believe that? That has never happened before and I cannot have that happened again. I don't even know what happened.

For about a week now he won't fall asleep until about 10pm which is late since he normally goes down at 8-8:30pm. So yesterday I decided no nap so that way he would be really tired by 8pm. Everything was going great he didn't take his nap and was doing good. I even took him out for a 2 walks and we played at the playground since it was a nice enough day to do that. We came inside by 6pm and he seemed hungry I served him dinner and he started to fall asleep while eating so I figured perfect I can put him down now and he will sleep the rest of the night even if he gets up really early I will be ok with that. I laid him down with a movie playing since that's how he has been falling asleep as of late. He made no sounds for and hour an a half which is how long the movie lasted and then he freaked out started crying/screaming so I went and got him since I had company. Since that moment I could not let him be by himself without him freaking out.

I figured might as well go to bed with him. I laid quiet next to him for an hour and the whole time he was kissing me and tapping on my leg the whole hour. Finally I got up to go pee and he saw his chance he was up out of bed and telling me to look at the book he had and then he proceeded to tell me what was in the book. It was quite cute but he was too hyper about it all. I literally sad in bed with all lights off for another hour and then I put a movie in for him thinking maybe that would do it but no he laughed thru the whole movie twice. By midnight I was tired so I just decided to start to movie again and then I would fall asleep and he would have to work it out and within a few minutes after midnight he was out.

Oh my goodness I hope and pray that never happens again. I don't know if maybe he is going thru some learning development or something that is affecting him is going on. Poor baby.

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