Saturday, January 22, 2011

Making friends

Jon and I are really working hard at making friends.

Ok, we do have friends but they are either single friends, or they live in Provo too far from us. We also have family who I guess some I consider friends. Since moving up to the Ogden area we really haven't made friends that we can go and hang out with as a couple. I have friends that I hang out with because our kids are friends so thats good but we decided this year we might as well make some friends since it looks like we will be up here for another 2 years at least if not more.

So on Sunday Jon invited over a guy and his wife over, he met him in one of his classes at the U. They came over for dinner and we had fun. They had a cute little baby girl and Baby was totally in love with her giving her kisses. I think we might even hang out again sometime soon with them. It is always weird when you first meet a person so who know if she liked us but the husband and Jon really get along.

For this Sunday it was my turn so we are having dinner with my friend Erika and her husband. They have a little girl who Baby calls Cee even though her name is nothing like that, hahaha, she is about 5 months older than Baby but he loves hanging out with her. Erika and I are actually planning on going to Vegas in May as a couples weekend so I figured Jon needed to get to know her husband so Vegas won't be so weird. I hope Jon likes him. We will see...

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