Thursday, January 20, 2011


We haven't received our laptop back yet and Jon is in major need of one for school so we are going to have to get another which is fine since we knew I was in need of a new one and we had some money put away for it.

Today we went out to look for a new computer but we decided we are no longer using Best Buy cause they just plain suck. We went to a place called PC/Laptops who we have heard has amazing customer service and lifetime service and a whole bunch of other good stuff. I was expecting it to be a little on the expensive side as was Jon but holy cow...not $3000 expensive. I kept my composure while in the store but I could not believe it. It was the perfect computer and t he second I saw it I fell in love.

So now any other computer we look at doesn't even come close to that one, so sad since we cannot afford it. Oh well I guess we will have to keep on looking till we find the right one for me.

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