Saturday, September 10, 2011


Baby has been such a good behaved little boy lately.

I just love being his mom!

I have been having some rough emotional day lately and I try to have those emotional moments either at night or during nap times so that he doesn't see me sad.

However he must know something is up because he has been such a funny little man. He makes me laugh most of the day.

He has been talking more and more. The things he says or comes up with are shocking and his little attitude is kinda cute right now. I am sure as he gets older it won't be so cute but right now it's making my days.

He is also using his imagination so much lately and I cannot get enough of it. We play super heroes all day long. We also play dinosaurs where they are coming to get us and we are able to hide from them.

I am so loving this stage in my little ones life.

Honestly I love nothing more than being his mama!

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Brad and Danielle said...

Little babies are truly a blessing. It is very hard to be a mom sometimes, but those sweet shining moments when your baby is so cute washes away all the hard and makes it all so much fun.