Thursday, October 25, 2012


I have to share a story.

Owning a restaurant you see a lot of crazies. I swear people would like to think you are out there running a charity and not a business.

My favorite this week was an older lady who comes in asking about our $2.99 pizza. First of all we have ne'er sold our pizza for $2.99. We normally sell our pizza for $5 and a few months ago we dropped the price to $3.99 to try and get more business. Well food price has gone up so we had to bring the price back up. Mind you we have signs all over the store explaining to people that our prices are back up. So here walks in this lady asking for a $2.99 pizza. I kindly let her know that we have never sold pizza for $2.99, we did sell it for $3.99 but just like the sign said that I watch her read before coming in the price is back up to $5. She was clearly not happy about the dollar increase and let me know about it. Then she ask me what kind f pizzas were $5 I let her know a pepperoni or cheese. So then she tells me to give her a sausage I let her know that would be $5.99 well she lost it. "are you serious? Why so expensive? This is just ridiculous and a rip off"

Honestly I was dying laughing inside. People are so damn cheap sometimes. I really see people yell at us all the time over a dollar difference on their pizza. I am actually glad this woman left my store cause she was a mess.

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