Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Our business is not doing okay.

Who knows how much longer we will be open.

We have known this for sometime now and decided plan B needed to be put in place. Here is where the LSAT comes in. My husband has decided to graduate with an Economics degree and take the LSAT and apply for law school.

This has been a lot for me to take in and I am constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown. About 3 weeks ago he went in and took the LSAT which has has been studying for 2-3 months for. We are crossing every finger and body part imaginable and praying like crazy that he did well in it. Our future depends on this one test, how silly is that but its so true.

We have our eyes set on multiple schools, most of which are in Southern California and one in Utah. This means unless a miracle happens and he gets into the law school at the U of U, we are making a HUGE move. Hundreds of miles away from what we have known as home since we've been married.

So much more than just this is going on, our lives at the moment are crazy to say the least. I feel like I am on a roller coaster with my emotions. They go from happy to sad to completely freaked out.

In about a week we will know the test results. I can only pray they turned out good enough.

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Clint Shaff said...

I am sorry to learn about how bad things are going for your business. Failure, at some point along the way, is inevitable. It’s important that you get back on your feet. Always have a contingency plan, so that if the first plan fails, you have a safety net. If failure is NOT an option for you, there is a greater chance of succeeding. Stay positive, and as the business owner, take charge.

Clint Shaff