Saturday, October 27, 2012

Things to know about owning a business

In owning a business I have learned many things.

First off, props to any business owner. It is the hardest job in the world, honestly.

I will never again become a business owner as long as I live.

From now on when someone asks me or says they want to become a business owner this will be my advice.

Be prepared to ruin your credit and by ruin I truly mean RUIN it. Like you will not be buying a house or car for years. Next if you are married it can cause major marriage problems. And last your mental state might suffer.

Now not all those things might happen to you but at least one will. My husband and I have had 2 of those things happen to us but every business owner we know of has experienced one or all of these things.

I normally don't tell people we are business owners because for the most part people automatically think "they have money" which is far from where we find ourselves.

I just recently had someone who does not own a business tell me that being a business owner is the easiest thing on the planet. It took everything in me not to smack him. I also feel like I am a dream killer by telling people all the negatives but honestly unless you open up a Mcdonald's you will struggle.

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