Saturday, October 6, 2012

Quality time

This week has been horrible....

We were stressed out beyond breaking point. Jon had 2 midterms along with him taking the LSAT today. Jon's schedule along with mine which was working every single day from anywhere between 8-9am to 6-9pm. Thank goodness for amazing family who stepped in and helped care for Mookie if not it would not have been possible.

However that left no time for Mookie. I feel horrible. By this morning he was acting up a ton in the hopes of probably getting my attention. Poor guy. Finally after a long day at work, I took an energy drink to be able to handle what was waiting for me at home. Sure enough he was a ball of energy, crazy crazy! I prayed all night for me to have the patience to deal with it all and somehow pulled it off. He joined me at the supermarket and we talked the whole time about silly things. He was a perfect little guy. Then we got home made some hot chocolate with marshmallows and did some puzzles. He had a blast just laying on the floor helping me and to be honest so did I.

It's the simple things in life that make my life so meaningful. I am glad I was able to have that time with him and reconnect. Love that boy more than I will ever be able to tell/show him.

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