Sunday, September 30, 2012


Life is hard sometimes.

We have had some rough couple of days where mental break downs have been a common thing. A lot of tears shed. A lot of wishing thing were different but they aren't.

Jon's sweet grandpa died. What a special man he was. He had the same kind of love Jesus had for human kind. A man who dedicated his life to serving others. Wish I could have known him in his prime.

On our way to the funeral we got some horrible news about our business which we kinda knew was coming we were just hoping not so soon. Then my sister, who has been watching Mookie for me found a job so I am left with no babysitter and no money to pay one.

That's when I could no longer take any more. My dear husband is due to take the most important test of his life next Saturday and should not be worrying about anything as stress can and will make it difficult to study and score high enough.

I know that things will work out eventually but in the moment I feel like my world is crashing down and nothing I can do about it.

In the process I am trying to keep it together as much as possible in front of my sweet boy as I don't want him to see me worried or sad.

I am hoping a just a little bit of a better week coming up and hopefully my husband can score high enough on the LSAT. Fingers crossed.

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