Sunday, September 2, 2012

Giving up HFCS

In the process of trying to get Mookie to eat better I have started looking at the ingredients of everything I buy for him. Holy cow was I shocked. So many things I couldn't pronounce.

I came across something's that we're said about high fructose corn syrup and decided that was something that needed to go immediately. Why I haven't done this sooner is beyond my but better late than never.

I want to try and feed my family more healthy things and stop eating so much processed food.

I have been eating a pretty clean diet myself for the last few weeks and have felt pretty amazing. Barely any floating, no stomach pains and just in a better mood all around. On Thursday I was on my way to Salt Lake County and stopped by In and Out for a cheese burger cause lets be real that sounds super yummy. However almost immediately after eating it I got a massive headache, I was bloated and my stomach hurt pretty bad. Later that night after my massive headache which might have been a migraine cause I had never felt a headache more painful than that I started to think to myself that I just cannot eat that junk anymore. It's not worth the pain.

For the first time in my life I went shopping for some organic food, which is pricier than other stuff but so worth it. I have talked about doing this before and my husband just looked at me like I was crazy but this time it's been different he is totally on board.

It has been hard getting Mookie off sugar and sodas. I learned that if I get him a Jones soda which uses cane sugar he doesn't drink as much and one bottle will last a few days. Same thin with organic cookies, he has one and then won't ask for another for a few days. I am now making my own bread since the bread you buy at the market it filled with preservatives and HFCS plus my bread taste yummier.

Let's see how this week goes with our eating. I hope to not eat out one single time lets see if I can do it.


Midwayedancer said...

My parents have become super clean eaters and it is funny you blogged about it because I had NO idea that high fructose corn syrup was in bread until he pointed it out to me. Crazy!!!

Do you use a breadmaker?

Laura said...

Lisa no I don't use a bread maker, I have one but I actually enjoy kneading the bread and letting it rise and all the good stuff. Let me know if you want the recipe, it's pretty easy to make.