Monday, September 24, 2012

Clean eating update

We are doing pretty good and amazingly enough my food bill has gone down which is the total opposite of what I expected to have happen.

We haven't been drinking any juice or soda only milk and water. Having while wheat bread made by me, tons of fruits and veggies on my part Mookie however will not touch a veggie only fruit which I'll take as long as he is eating something healthy.

Giving up candy for Mookie was kinda funny, it was like watching an addict no joke. One day we were at a parking lot and he saw a piece of candy on the ground ways away and that child ran so fast to get that piece of candy it was hilarious. He has also searched our pantry inside out looking for candy. It's safe to say thought that he no longer looks for candy but chocolate is another story. He can't give it up so we have compromised that he can have nutella only if he eats it with fruit or a slice of whole wheat bread and if he has been an extremely good boy he can have a truffle or a cookie that has chocolate chips along with oatmeal and peanut butter. I have tricked him into thinking its not healthy by adding the chocolate chips.

All in all it's continuing to go pretty good. I find myself cooking more often and we also now pack our own lunches with left overs.

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