Sunday, August 19, 2012

6th wedding anniversary

Honestly we are getting old.

Hearing myself say that I have been married for 6 years sounds super old. However these last 6 years have gone by way too fast.

I love my husband to pieces and am truly a lucky girl.

We are not perfect, we fight, we argue but at the end of the day we know what's important to us and that's each other and being together. We truly are in love with our little family.

A few weeks ago like I had said Jon surprised me by getting us a room at a hotel for the night. It was perfect. We stayed at the Monaco Hotel. It was beautiful and the room was super big.

We went out for dinner than walked around holding hands and kissing like teenagers. I love doing this ones in a while to make myself feel not so old. I loved that we stayed in downtown. The next day we went to City Creek and walked around and got us some yummy dessert and enjoyed talking with no distractions. We had a blast.

Our celebration of course came to an end and Jon had a class he needed to show up to.

All in all one of my favorite anniversaries! My husband did good.


Midwayedancer said...

How fun! Looks like a lovely hotel too.

Laura said...

It was a beautiful hotel