Thursday, August 9, 2012

Working it

I have been biking tons and by tons I mean at least twice a week so not really a lot but for me that's a lot.

However I will start biking even more in the weeks to come as we are now a one family car. Sad day but it leaves me no other option but to bike to work and back which I am ok with that.

I have timed my rides the last few times and am getting to excited by seeing the improvement in my time. I now look forward to my next ride.

I am also trying to cook more, blah, wish I didn't have to but this whole eating out is not working for multiple reason like the fact that it's too expensive and that it's not healthy at all. So I have been cooking and actually enjoying it. It's fun being able to make a yummy dinner using lots of fresh veggies and little meat.

I am hoping I can keep this up.

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Midwayedancer said...

Good for you! I have also been pondering biking to work, as it is not too far from me distance-wise. It is terribly busy streets though.