Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dropping my phone in a creek while hiking

After our first hike a few weeks ago Mookie had not stopped talking about it and how much fun it was and how he wanted to go back. I was so happy cause this meant I had a hiking buddy.

So away I went planning our next hike. I got my brother and sister to come with us again and I prepare the food we were going to take up there and even bought an app for my phone to time how long it would take us to get up there so that I could time myself and go back often and try to improve my time.

Now I didn't check the weather for that day which from now on I will always do.

We get to our hiking spot and park get out of the car and right away Mookie is asking me to hold him. I let him know that was too early in the hike to be holding him since from there it could only get worse. Well he decided to have a melt down and I tried to reason with him but let's be for reals, you just cannot reason with a 3 year old. So then I decided to have a melt down and throw around a lot of threats, which he knows I won't follow through cause he had me wrapped around his little finger. After about 30 minutes of this happening he decides to finally get started. By this time my siblings were past the hard part waiting for us and once Mookie realized we were going up by ourselves he decided to cry the whole way up till we caught up to them.

We hiked up about 30 minutes until Mookie said he was no longer walking up and that he was done. We were all kinda bummed but I wasn't going to force him to go up. So we hiked down to a bridge we had seen to let Mookie play in the water while we ate our snacks. It was a really pretty sight so I took my phone out and took a few pictures until I dropped my phone in the creek.

I could have cared less about the phone but I once again was super sad about all the pictures that would be lost forever. I freaked out a little, well I out loud I freaked out a little but inside I was going off trying to hold it all in. I was only really able to hold it in for about 10 minutes before I fully exploded and decided I needed to get down the hill and to a Walmart ASAP to get me a bag of rice.

More to come on the bag of rice.......

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