Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting old

For Jon's birthday I wanted to surprise him but as always that's close to impossible. I can never hide anything from him or he always tries to get me to tell him what it is. This year to keep that from happening I just didn't plan anything till last minute and got his gifts the day of his birthday. I actually was able to surprise him with the gifts. He found out what the plans for his birthday were since I played it off that we weren't doing anything he started to make plans himself so I had to tell him I had already invited some friends over for pizza and cake. We had a blast that night with our friends and family. We laughed lots while the kiddos ran around like crazy people and when I say children I mean my child. He was crazy since that day he had been drinking Pepsi and Dr.Pepper and in my attempt at keeping him happy and from flipping out. It worked he was a happy boy however had more energy than I knew what to do with. Jon plays the guitar really well and is a pretty amazing singer. He plays the guitar and sings to Mookie and I almost every day. He got a new guitar one year for his birthday since his old one got a crack in it. However he never bought a case for it since they are super expensive. A few months ago I decided for his birthday I would buy his a guitar case. I started putting money away but I was not aware that they were so expensive. On the day of his birthday I went to the guitar store and realized that I just had enough money to buy him a case and nothing else. I was pretty bummed since I also wanted to get him a watch. After talking to the guy there he showed me one that had a hard shell but the outside was soft and it was half the price of the others which was perfect since it would leave me enough money for the watch and a Ninja Turtle my husband had been wanting. When I gave my husband his gifts he was totally shocked and kept on saying how he hadn't even though about me getting him a guitar case. I love seeing the shock on his face and how excited he was. All in all a very fun birthday for my husband. He said it was one of the best!

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