Thursday, August 16, 2012


From the day I married Jon he told me birthdays were that important to him. Which is the total opposite of me. I have normally tried to do something special for his birthday and the last 3 years I have gotten friends and family to go with us to Lagoon. However this year no one could come.

At the beginning of the week Jon mentioned something about his birthday week. I was all like whaaaaat? I couldn't believe my ears. I am breaking him down. This is a very good thing. I love celebrating birthdays all week which he always made it seem weird.

Since he never is into birthdays I didn't plan anything this year but of course this is the year he wants to have a 2 day celebration.

Tomorrow is his official birthday but today started the celebration. This morning he decided that we should go to Lagoon since we always do that. So off we went without checking the weather. Holy cow!!! It was hot. 100 degrees hot. Yeah that's not amusement park weather but we stayed there for about 4 hours and had fun.

Then off to have Jon's birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse. His favorite place. Which is always yummy.

In between Lagoon and dinner I send Jon in to toys'r'us to get a game and he comes out and tells me "well I bought myself a gift from you" before I even looked in the bag I knew what it was and I was a little sad because that was one of the things I was buying for him to give him at dinner tomorrow. It happens to be a ninja turtle and not just any ninja turtle but a huge one that I had seen a month ago and knew Jon would love it. He is very big into ninja turtles. Yes I married a nerd!

The second we got home and Jon opened his ninja turtle it was came over. It no longer belong to Jon, it was now Mookie's. Story of our life......nothing is ever ours it's always his. I love how that works.

And how else do you finish the first night of a birthday celebration than by eating ice cream with a huge spoon.

I truly love my little family and am so grateful for my husband and everything he does for us. Thank goodness for him being in our lives.

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Midwayedancer said...

Your little guy is getting to be so big!