Saturday, August 4, 2012

Drive-thru movie theater

The other day I had, what I thought was, a fabulous idea of taking Mookie to a drive-thru movie theater.

Now I have been to one before about 7 years ago in Florida with a friend and had a blast. However we were in a convertible which made seeing the movie screen really easy.

Fast forward to last Saturday, we get Mookie all excited about it and take him to watch Ice Age. Worse mistake of my life!

You have to get there kinda early to find a spot so we got there about an hour before the movie and brought drinks and food which made the time go by fast. About 30 minutes in Mookie says he has to go pee....well they only have porta potties but I figure a toilet is a toilet right? Yeah, wrong, super wrong. We get in the porta potty and I lift up the lid and tell him to go pee, he looks in and immediately freaks out. And by freak out I mean screaming bloody murder while asking me where we were and what that was cause it was not a toilet, hahaha, I was hysterically laughing. While he is freaking out I figure I might as well go pee. Another big mistake! He freaks out even more seeing me peeing in there and tries to open the door, which is facing all the cars, so now I start to freak out and scream at him not to open it. We finally get out and apparently everyone could hear us cause as we were walking back to the car they were looking at as and laughing. Lovely!

I got back to the car and tell Jon to take him cause by then we were both traumatized.

Then let's talk about the fact that I felt completely out of place. People had their mattress out and couches.

Then the movie starts and I can't see a thing. Which I was ok with but then people start to smoke and that's when I start to get upset. I don't smoke because I know it's not a healthy thing to do and do not appreciate my child having to be subjected to second hand smoke. Honestly so rude! The other horrible thing was how hot it was. I like being hot, really I do, I believe that's why I was born in a tropical country, however this was way past my comfort level. I smelled so horrible I could not stand myself.

When you go you pay to watch 2 movies but after the first was over I told Jon to get me the heck out of there before I melted away. He wasn't sure we would be able to leave since the cars are parked pretty tight but there was no way I could make it any longer.

Another crappy thing was the mosquitoes had a feast on me, no joke. I don't camp for many reasons but heat and mosquitoes are 2 major ones. So yeah....lesson learned. Never....Again.....

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