Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My thrifting finds

Since my husband decided to go all out on our anniversary plans there was no money left for cute outfits. I have been hearing a lot about thrift shopping and all the awesome thing you can find. So off I went to find me a cute outfit for our dinner date.

I had to do it with Mookie in tote and there was bribing involved in order for him to behave but it worked awesome cause he picked up some books when we got in and read them to me the whole time. I was at the store for a long time and tried on TONS of stuff, I did go to the fitting room like 3 times with tons of clothes each time but after looking around and trying on tons of stuff I finally found my outfit and I loved it.

I bought a pair of cute shorts that I loved how they fit. I found a super baggy shirt but loved the color so I made it work by buying a belt to go with the shorts. I already had shoes that would work. For the shorts, shirt and belt I paid less than $15. I was a happy camper and so was my husband plus he said I looked amazing.

I will be blogging about our anniversary getaway on our actually anniversary......

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Midwayedancer said...

Cute! I think trying everything is on is definitely the secret to making thrift shopping work.