Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Last Thursday I went to the gym for the first time in at least half a year. I tried running on the treadmill only to have my knee start to hurt pretty bad. Weird, that's never happened. So once the pain came on I got off and decided to do some weights.

I haven't lifted weights in about 3 years, no joke, so I started off with the weights I used to lift with and to my shocked I was able to lift heavier weights. I guess all this carrying Mookie has helped make me stronger.

Then I did some sit ups and it hurt pretty bad so I only did 5 sets of 15. I was completely wasted by then. The next day I felt no pain on my shoulder or abs so I figured I must have done it all wrong until the day after that. Holy smokes, I was in a ton of pain and still am on my abs. Really I am starting to wonder if I did something wrong cause this feels like after giving birth. I asked my cousin who knows a lot about fitness if it was normal and she said since I haven't worked those muscles out in a long time they will hurt pretty bad at first.

I'll tell you what I've never realized how much you used your abs on a day to say basis. Everything hurts! I might be crazy though but I am going back to the gym tomorrow to do more abs work outs.

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