Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had a crazy busy day.

I opened up at the store and it was a busy day there. I was hoping to get out by 4 however that didn't happened so we were of course running late. We dressed him up at my moms so they could see him in his costume.

We finally made it to his cousins house about 90 minutes later. We immediately went trick-or-treating. My child knocked on 6 doors and called it quicks. He said it was too spooky. He is so funny.

This was perfect though since he only got a little bit of candy so I won't have to throw it out since I can just give him one a day and be done within a few weeks.

He had too much fun with his cousins playing that when it was time to leave to go have a sleep over at his friends house he wanted nothing to do with that.

All in all one of the best halloweens so far. Oh it did help that the weather was perfect.

More pictures to come once I get them off my camera.

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