Thursday, January 26, 2012


Last night was a hard night to say the least. Baby was having a super hard time and I failed as a mother. After talking to my sweet and wonderful mother-in-law late last night I felt re-energized for today and was determined to make today a good day. Baby thrives on a schedule and I have known this for a long time but when you become a working mom it's hard to keep to a schedule specially when my days are all different.

Last night I decided that I will start every day the same exact way t the same exact time. I will also make sure I am spending one on one time with Baby on a regular without there being any distractions. Anyways I will also try some other things in hope of avoiding conflict.

This morning went smoothly with the new schedule and we had no melt downs which was something new. Baby had been asking us to take him to the movies to see the chipmunks so we decided today was a good day since I don't have work till late. He had a ball at the movies.

It's been a good day!

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