Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day of giving

Well we are going through some really hard times financially, mentally, emotionally actually every way you can imagine. Life is just pretty hard at the moment. I will update more on this maybe on then next post however I decided that I HAVE  to make myself look at the positive things in my life which I have many of in my life.

During this Christmas time a lot of people are struggling we are not the only ones so I needed to forget about myself and stop having a self-pitty party so I figured a way to do that was by service. I came up with the idea of asking everyone in my family to donate food or money towards making some packages to give to some families around us that I know are financially struggling.

Can I just say that I love my family! Everyone jumped on board with me. Even my husband allowed me to donate some money that would have come in pretty handy for us but he knows I love doing things like this and helping others. It's what makes me the happiest in life. I rather not eat a few meals and help someone else.

We were able to get enough money to buy a good amount of food and make 6 boxes to give to these families.

I had my family join me in helping me wrap the boxes and filling them up. We had such a fun night doing this and knowing someone would have a little bit of extra food this month. I think I have started a  tradition that I will continue and hopefully grow into something big.

We do truly need to get lost in service and we would all just be so much more happier about ourselves and life in general.

I am certain this alone helped keep me calm and reminding me that there are others out there who are struggling worse than us so I needed to my dwell in my situation.


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